Tuesday, April 28, 2020

We're Getting Married Today!

Our wedding is scheduled for 6 pm today, April 28, 2020, under two palm trees at the Kahala beach.

We had originally planned a traditional Hawaiian ceremony at the Makapu'u tide pools with many friends and family, but the travel limitations and "social-distancing" mandates resulting from COVID-19 made that impossible.  Like so many other couples this crazy spring, we were forced to cancel all the wedding plans we had made.

Since we still wanted to get married, and the Hawaii State Department of Health was (to our surprise) still issuing marriage licenses, we decided to go ahead with a small ceremony.  The State gave us a list of authorized wedding performers, but we chose Lilly's great friend Julia.  We chose a lovely spot in Kahala near Uncle Don and Aunt Sandi, who we both adore, so they could watch from a safe distance.  To minimize health risks, we decided the ceremony would not include a best man, maid of honor, flower girl, or any other unnecessary pageantry.

Another of Lilly's friends, Vianna, will come by our condo this afternoon to help Lilly with her hair and dress.  Vianna has also agreed to take some pictures of us before we leave for Kahala.

Julia's young daughter, Veronica, will be the videographer.

The reception we had planned to have at Bethel Union will be delayed one year... or maybe two?

We listened to this wonderful song multiple times today. We're not getting married in a church, and we're not getting married in the morning, but it's still sweet.  

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